Gain Customer Insights.
Pay For Performance.

Discover everything about your buyers for FREE. Leverage these insights into our audiences for improving your ROAS!


  • Includes:
  • Get Customer Insights
  • Discover Buyer Personas
  • Track New User Growth

  • Explorer plus :
  • Request Audience(s)
  • Bi-Weekly Review Calls
  • Performance Monitoring

  • Starter Plus :
  • Retail Store Targeting
  • Track Incremental Sales
  • Weekly Review Calls

Why choose Xpert?

Improve your ROAS across digital & retail channels. Unlock newer insights & understand your customers better!

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Buyer Insights

Discover your customers interests, needs & personas. Develop tighter messaging & target via audiences.

Converting Audiences

Highly curated based on actual purchasing preferences stitched across our network of brands.

Omni-Channel Sales

Acquire more customers across your digital & retail outlets. Increase your sales & even drive greater store traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the FREE Starter plan deliver ?

In the starter plan, you will be able to access all buyer insights for your customers & in your sector. Leveraging these will help you discover hidden demographic, behavioral patterns & interests among your existing buyers to truly understand & build their buyer personas - leveraging our network data.

Will I need setup another AD account for this ?

NO. We will be able to share our audiences, within your existing setup in Meta/Google. During the trial, you will run our audiences in parallel to compare ROAS improvement alongside your existing benchmarks.

How am i charged ?

Once you have moved to a billing plan, you are billed every month basis your Ad spend on Xpert audiences. If your Ad spend is below Rs 3Lakhs you will be billed Rs.15k + GST - as part of the Starter Plan. If your Ad spend on our audiences is above 3 Lakhs, you are billed as a % basis your assigned volume slab.

Do I need to connect my e-com store ?

You can choose to directly connect your store OR upload your hashed data to Xpert. This forms the seed dataset against which we perform our analysis to show back to you as recommendations. Xpert is able to develop stronger lookalikes from its network data for better Ad targeting. Further, the AI continues to learn from ongoing purchases, to identify which users when targeted with ads are converting & which aren’t.

How does the audiences get refreshed?

We keep growing our data pools, having realtime visibility of transactions across brands. Whenever we identify new users that meet your targeting criteria - we refresh them to your lists, which then get targeted from your campaigns.

Can i use these for branding campaigns?

Yes, we work with corporates around making it happen. Since every requirement is custom, you'll need to reach-out to our team - [email protected] for us to revert.

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