Our Story

Helping D2C Brands Grow with Each Other

How Did We Get Started?

Xpert began as a Marketing School for Digital-First brands. We believe marketing is a core competence to build any successful brand & invited founders to join in to learn from top brand marketers. Our aim being to democratize access to knowledge and insights gained only with execution, currently locked inside organisational silos. Having run multiple cohorts, we organically built out a 'D2C Brand Community' of founders & marketers. Here brands were helping each other by sharing their contacts, reviews & learnings! Our expert sessions transformed to a knowledge base & our community brands helped each other collaborate, network & grow.

As our community of d2c brands scaled, their biggest challenge that emerged consistently was rising customer acquisition costs across ad platforms. On exploring, why advertising costs continue to rise digitally as brands scale, we discovered that only 2% of India's Internet Users are actual buyers! Often, the majority of Ad budgets get spent identifying these top 2% users repeatedly for every brand. And in the process, of doing so - we often waste (-90%) of our Ad impressions. Given its only 2% of users that we're all after, we believe it's possible to identify & find them, if all brands pooled their resources together. And, this is how we got started! 🙂

  • 2021- Cohort#1 of our D2C School
  • 2022 - Our D2C Community formed
  • 2023 - Launch Public Beta for Audience Data Platform






Target Buyers

Our Knowledge Advisors

The Experts That Joined To Share Their Knowledge & Insights

Marmik Mankodi

AVP - Marketing at Man Matters

Shalabh Gupta

Chief Growth Officer at Noise

Abhishek Gupta

Vice President, Growth at Mamaearth

Rumi Ambastha

Director- Brand Marketing at The Man Company

Sneha Kaul

Head of Brand Strategy at VAHDAM® India

Akshay Surendra

Senior Marketing Manager at Amazon Pay

Prateek Malpani

Head Of Brand at WakeFit

Samriddh Dasgupta

Chief Marketing Officer at Heads Up For Tails

Gaurisha Gupta

CEO & Co-Founder at Henry & Smith

Shalin Bhatt

ex-Head of Growth at Zomato

Parasar Sarma

VP - Growth at Wakefit

Siddharth Menon

Chief Marketing Officer at Epigamia

Sandesh Gupta

Head Of Digital Marketing at WakeFit

Damandeep Singh Soni

Chief Business Officer at GlobalBees