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Over 80% of Ad Impressions get wasted on users - that are NEVER going to buy. Leverage our audiences to target actual buyers & improve your ROAS!

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Ad Targeting Platform For Brands :

Leverage our ‘purchasing’ audiences to improve the Ad targeting for your existing Meta & Google Campaigns. Join our 21 day trial & pay after validating ROAS Improvement!

Identify Customer Traits

We analyze your customers past purchases across our entire network for their interests, goals & demographics!

Receive Audience(s)

Audiences get delivered to use with your existing Meta/ Google Ad campaigns

Pay For Performance

Validate ROAS improvement during the trial & lower acquisition costs!

Spend Ad Budgets for INFLUENCING buyers, not for FINDING them!

Eliminate WASTED Ad Spends

Only 2% (10M) of India’s internet users actually buy online! Ad targeting via ‘interests’ ends up reaching users ‘interested’ in your products, but are unable to buy! Xpert eliminates wasted Ad spend, by ONLY targeting actual buyers

Convert Actual Buyers

Leverage our data to identify your customer filters Choose from our targeted filters around products, purchasing intent, demographics & user types. Leverage our AI recommendations after matching them against your existing customers.

21 Day Trial To Validate ROAS Improvement

Join our 21-Day Free TRIAL to convincingly track ROAS improvement basis your existing baseline. Switch to a paid plan to continue ahead.

How does it work ?

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Creating target audiences, pushing them to Ad platforms & tracking their performance is now simpler than ever!

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Connect Your Store

Map your products & transactions to identify lookalikes.


Create Audiences

Filter on purchases & interests. Push to Meta


Track Conversions

Watch your ROAS improve in weeks & track customer LTV!

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