Only 2% Of India’s Internet Users Buy DTC Online!

Here’s how we identify & target them for your Ad Campaigns to drive better ROAS.

Aggregating Purchases Across Brands

We track all transactions across our brand network to identify ‘actual buyers’ - those who have an established purchasing history.

Mapping Individual Buying Preferences

Every buyer’s purchases gets aggregated & analyzed to identify their affinity to specific interests, product preferences & demographics.

Building Audiences For Ad Targeting

Leveraging our AI models, similar buyers get segmented into audience clusters that get shared to your Ad accounts for better targeting.

Tracking Audience <> Campaign Performance

Audiences running within campaigns, get optimized basis their ROAS benchmarks. Newer audiences get suggested basis overlap & precision scores.

Continous Learning & Optimizations

Newer buyers identified across our network get regularly added back to audiences to drive continous improvement which drives campaign scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 21 Day Trial deliver ?

The trial is intended to demonstrate successful ROAS improvement from using Xpert audiences. Within the trial, we crunch your data & match it against our network - to identify key customer insights & the right initial audiences to test against your campaigns.

Will I need setup another AD account for this ?

NO. We will be able to share our audiences, within your existing setup in Meta/Google. During the trial, you will run our audiences in parallel to compare ROAS improvement alongside your existing benchmarks.

How am i charged ?

During the trial, you only pay a basic integration fees. Post that, you are billed as a % of the Ad spend incurred on our audiences. These are detailed further in our pricing page.

Do I need to connect my e-com store ?

While its not mandatory to connect your store, it is highly advisable. By understanding your existing customers, Xpert is able to develop stronger lookalikes from its network data for better Ad targeting. Further, the AI continues to learn from ongoing purchases, to identify which users when targeted with ads are converting & which aren’t.

How does the audience list get updated?

We keep growing our data pools, having realtime visibility of transactions across brands. Whenever we identify new users that meet your targeting criteria - we refresh them to your lists, which then get targeted from your campaigns.

Can i use these for digital branding campaigns?

Yes, we work with corporates around making it happen. Since every requirement is custom, you'll need to reach-out to our team - [email protected] for us to revert.

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