Network, Grow & Learn From India's Top DTC Brand Leaders!

An invite-only community of marketers & founders, looking to learn from others experiences, insights & journeys. Actively hosting zoom sessions, whatsapp conversations & peer collaboration events. Led by experts, working at India's top brands.

Learn from experience

Attend our LIVE expert workshops & sessions, sharing frameworks to crack growth challenges. We're piecing together across brands, what each of them got right - to help you figure your journey!

Seek answers over whatsapp

Being a d2c founder is lonely. We host an active whatsapp community of d2c peers - to immediately seek answers to your most pressing challenges. Your goto destination, for advice around tools, agency reviews, ops & everything #d2c

Network & Collaborate

We've gotten members across India - hosting their informal meetups. Brands have discovered new collaboration opportunities & made new friends alongside their entrepreneurial journey.


How is the learning structured?

We've designed the learning to be application-centric & spanning 8 weeks. You will learn by doing. With each week opening up new growth ideas, the program culminates in summarising a transformation plan that you intend to execute for your company over the next quarter to drive growth!

Scaling On Marketplaces

Optimising listings, using platform ads, delivery timelines, understanding all costs, identifying marketplace nuances.

Improve Amazon product listing and organic visibility

Branding & Positioning

Why do customers choose your product? What does your brand stand for? How will you build awareness? How to plan around the media expenditure?

Craft a storyline for your brand to use across all content

Scaling Performance Ads

Driving Paid Traffic - via advanced creative optimization, media planning, targeting & attribution. Converting site traffic - landing page optimization, conversion tracking & lead management.

Optimised and Updated your Ad content mix

Organic Customer Acquisition & Content Loops

Planning your content strategy to drive commerce via social, email, word-of-mouth, PR & SEO. Designing content loops that self perpetuate

Organic user acquisition and retention.

Driving Retention & Post Purchase

Identifying key growth levers, driving repeats & cross-ordering, Identifying payback periods & customer lifetime value. Scaling delivery, manage returns & logistics.

Loyalty program and post purchase experience optimisation.

New Product Development

How to figure out product roadmap by identifying gaps in the market? How do you evaluate product ideas? How can this become part of the process?

Building new SKU based on need and fix pricing loopholes.

Raising Capital & Planning Exits

When are you ready to raise capital ? Debt Vs Equity? VC Vs Strategic Investors ? Whats your fund raising pitch & how do you demonstrate traction

Fix key loopholes that is stoping you from being a VC pick.

Building Offline Distribution

When to go offline? Choosing the right team and channel partners. Building Brand Presence & Visibility. Building a sellout model from offline stores.

Being Truly Omnichannel

What did 'Phool' gain from the program ?

Phool is a leading d2c brand, in the business of selling incense sticks from waste temple flowers. The joined the program on a quest to seek out answers to their growth challenges. Watch the video to discover how it benefited them!

Alumni Testimonials

Here's what our past cohort members had to say!

Found it very powerful & useful for me. These 8 weeks have given me a long list of things I need to get deeper into and also gave me a push. This program has given me exactly what I wanted out of it, i.e a list of things I need to run after

Pragya Batra

Head of Business and marketing at Quirksmith Lifestyle

I loved that every session was very topic-specific. The way we can just pick up pointers from the session and implement it was very useful.

Surabhi Talwar

Co-founder & CEO at Happy Jars

It is a brilliant entry point to the D2C ecosystem, a good place to get connected with like-minded folks

Sulay Lavsi

Founder at Bummer

Frequently Asked Question

How much time do I need to dedicate for this?

You will be required to invest around 3-4 hours during the week, for the 8 weeks the cohort runs.

What's the eligibility criteria?

This program is only for d2c founders & marketing leaders. You will need to be an active brand using XPERT to be considered for this.

What's the cost ? is it actually FREE ?

Yes, its FREE to all d2c leaders that get invited & accepted for this.

Can I do this course at my own pace?

You can watch all the recorded sessions from the Knowledge Base at your own pace. However our LIVE sessions ( conducted occasionally) would require you to be available to attend in person on Zoom.

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